At Vibrant, we take pride in our ability to consistently deliver innovative, simple solutions on time and within budget. We aim to build solid customer relationships based on trust, understanding, and confidence. We use proven systems, invest in top quality equipment and professional stuff. 




Small and subtle or big and bold, we can supply lighting for all types of events, and have a wide range of industry standard lighting stock. So whether your event is a school ball or theatre show, a large corporate function, an outdoor televised event, or a spectacular moving light show, we can help out.  

We can work to your specific requirements, or create a solution just for your event.

We are proud of our ability to produce fresh innovative designs for all budget sizes.

Draw upon our design experience and aptitude to create a unique lighting design.


We will work to merge the lighting elements with the over all event design aesthetic.


The latest software from Vectorworks and GrandMA gives us the ability to fully visualise a space and pre-program the lighting, so we hit the ground running. Fewer surprises on the pack in, and less on site programming time.



Every event is special and you only get one chance to deliver your message. Large awards ceremony with multiple screens, or small critical boardroom meetings, the Audio Visual element is paramount for success.

Take advantage of the latest technology. Use our proven systems to project powerpoint presentations, event coverage, video or live camera feeds simultaneously.

With our complete AV service we can pre-record footage, compile power point presentations, and create custom graphics specifically for your event.  


Our experienced staff can record your event or live stream it in HD quality. We can also edit footage after the event, and produce media content.

Our equipment is first class, which gives you one less thing to worry about on the day!​



 We can provide all manner of audio solutions, from small PA's, to large scale concert systems. We are considerate in our implementation, and work around the presence of video screens, lighting, podium locations, and other design elements.

We work with a number of audio suppliers and can liaise with them on your behalf, giving you a single point of contact, and less leg work to do.




Staging and Rigging are critical infrastructures for your event. Our services to theatre and corporate events include flying sets, rigging infrastructure for lighting and audio systems, and draping. Vibrant stocks a range of modular staging tops that can be set up in any configuration your event requires! Drum risers, catwalks and stage extensions are all available.   ​

We can even design and fabricate custom staging for your event.

Our stages have a neat black matt finish, and black dress skirts. Handrailing and steps are available.

We only employ experienced and qualified entertainment and circus riggers.

We take the safety of every one concerned very seriously, and our rigging gear is industry standard.

Our experience in circus covers a raft of dynamic performer rigging, including tightwire, aerial acts such as trapeze and hoop, human counterweight, and substructure rigging for perfomers.


We have experience rigging in a wide variety of structures.


We use our latest Vectorworks to design and visualise our rigging and staging, and can provide professionally drafted plans to ahead of time.​



Pyrotechnics, Indoor and Outdoor Fireworks.

Add something extra special to your next event!  Need a loud crack and flash of lightening to materialise a wizard onstage? A shower of metallic streamers descending on the evenings overall winner? Or an outdoor fireworks display choreographed to music of your choice? We have a passion for blowing things up (in a safe and fully qualified manner of course) and a reputation for delivering far more than our customers expect!

Vibrant offers a full design and show choreography service, and uses qualified and experienced pyro technicians. We can even combine the pyrotechnics with a light show for the ultimate spectacle.

We visualise all our displays before the event. We can design the show around your choice of music. Displays of all sizes are available, for weddings or funding events, send your show up with a bang! 

We take care of all the co-ordination with police, fire, and air traffic control services ahead of time to gain all the required permits to allow your event to proceed.

Theatrical, stage effects, and indoor pyrotechnics are all available, from Gerbs to Confetti Cannons,

contact us to find out more!



Vibrant both designs and builds custom set for all types of event. Backdrops for corporate events, or specific set pieces for bands and theatrical productions are all possible, and we enjoy the challenge of both design and construction. If you are looking for something standout for your event, why not discuss your ideas with us!

Strong design and engineering skills means strong set that looks good, and goes the distance, with economic use of materials.


Vectorworks software allows us to visualise sets pieces and anticipate how they will fit into their environment, and garner feedback from clients before the fabrication stage.

Incorporate your logo or theme into the design, create custom projection surfaces, or ask us about theatrical back drops and scenic painting.

We work across disciplines and will integrate set design with lighting, costume and av elements to give the stage an extra dimension, and tie everything together in a complete look.

Check out our design service for more info.



Live streaming is the way to connect your event to a whole new audience. Vibrant has helped stream a wide variety of events, from funerals for relatives overseas, the World Bike Polo Championships in 2016 accessed thousands of times from around the world, sports events and pro darts tournaments.

Embed the live stream on your own website for ease of access.

Access the stream online after the event has finished, or ask us to supply a digital record of your event, or a highlights package for future use.

Increased exposure results in increased attendance at events in subsequent years, and allows you to include those who are unable to make the event in person.

We can supply additional lighting and audio to convey all the live action as accurately as possible to those watching at home.



Peace of mind is always important when electricity is involved, as well as reliable supply.  We have a huge catalogue of experience when it comes to temporary electrical installations, and we will make sure the system is properly designed to keep your event running. 

Vibrant provides power services to temporary events such as festivals, trade shows and outdoor events. 

We use certified equipment, and adhere to all electrical safety regulations.

Our staff are event electricians and technicians who understand the nature of event power. We can use existing power supplies, or size and supply a generator for your event.

We have a variety of distribution equipment, and can ensure the correct power infrastructure is in place to ensure supply, minimise cable runs, and keep things neat and tidy.


The Vectorworks software allows us to draw site maps, and create power supply diagrams. As well as assisting fault finding, these can be supplied ahead of time to assist with council permits and health & safety requirements.



We sell, install, service and repair technical production equipment. This includes lighting, staging, audio visual, and sound systems.

We can help you decide which equipment suits your situation and budget, and can also work with you to produce system designs for applications from educational to corporate.

Working on projects in collaboration with other suppliers and interested parties such as architects, builders, electricians and engineers, we can make timely decisions to produce the best results. 

Once installed, we can devise a maintenance schedule to ensure your investment is always working to its full potential, and carry out repairs so you are always ready to go.

We often sell equipment that exists with in our own hire stock, so in the worst case, a back up solution is not far away.

Contact us to discuss equipment repair.