"We have vision(s). We might be a bit mad, but we do love a challenge."

Sarah is a lighting and set designer, a photographer and illustrator, with 3D drafting skills.Tristan is a fabrication engineer, with a strong understanding of electronics, scenic construction and materials. He's an extremely skilled welder too. Both hold electrical qualifications, and have considerable rigging experience.

Gathered through 30 years experience working in almost every part of the event industry that you can imagine, we've got a serious internal reference library. All these skills are our tools, which combined with our imagination and your ideas, come together to inform our lighting, av and set designs, installations and interactive exhibits.

With the latest technology and a streak of perfectionism, theres no brief we won’t consider. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are values close to our hearts. Aiming for practicality, functionality and reusability, our favourite designs are simple and playful.